• Budget Planning

    Discussing and keeping a budget in mind. There might be slight increase / decrease in budget but should plan an approximate budget


  • Evaluate on what is required

    Try to be clear on what you need. Your home should be the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics


  • Plan for long term

    Choose a style of interior design that will remain fresh over a longer period of time. A house isn’t redone regularly.


  • Analyse the layout

    Analyse the existing layout and make the best use of what you have. Develop a plan for each room and determine what you want to do and set things in the order of priority.


  • Choosing the Style

    Do you want your home to look rustic, or modern and minimalistic? Do you want your home to reflect a boho-chic vibe or are you a fan of an edgy, futuristic look? There are plenty of options to choose from


  • Furniture selection

    Buying a large piece of furniture that looks great but is not comfortable would be a waste of space. Mixing and matching furniture can add a fun element to the room and increase its aesthetic appeal


  • Colour selection

    The colour palette plays a huge role in dictating the overall vibe of your home. Choosing neutral colours can make the room look open, spacious, classy, and timeless. Choose bold colours like red or black to add a dramatic effect


  • Using fabrics

    You can choose brightly coloured curtains to make your living room or bedroom look bright and lively. Choose dark colours in red, purple, dark brown, and textures like linen or velvet in the bedroom for a rich look and cosy vibe.


  • Accessories

    You can consider buying reasonably priced artwork by local and upcoming artists. Adding a dimmable light or a string of fairy lights brings a touch of romance to the room.

  • Add Grenery

    Plants can brighten up the neglected corners of your home. Apart from their calming soothing effect, they also help to infuse light into your home through the windows during the daytime.


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