Home Interior design budget depends on various parameters. There are many things involved like raw materials, transportation, labour, contractors, taxes & some miscellaneous expenses.


Let’s checkout step by step on what all are required to find an approximate budget for your Home Inteiror Design

1. Requirement

Living Room

False Ceiling, TV Unit, Foyer Area, Pooja Unit, Custom Furniture


Headboards, Wardrobes / Cupboards, Bedside table, Dressing Unit, TV Unit, Study Unit, Book shelves

Modular Kitchen

Types of Kitchen Layouts ( L-shaped, U-shaped, Parallel, Straight ), Kitchen Appliances, Storage Units, Lightings, Countertop, Backsplash

Dining Room

Crockery Unit, Dining Table

Kids Room

Wall color / Décor, Study Unit, Book Shelves


Seating Furniture, Greenery



2. Plan a rough house layout

Plan and get ready with the house layout with measurements and requirement



3. Material Quality and Finish


Chalkboard Paint, Colour Washing, Dry-Brushing, Crackle Effect, Ragging, Sponging, Striae



Natural Wood, Engineered Wood, Linoleum, Tiles, Stone


Base Material

Plywood, MDF



Royal Touche, Merino Laminates and Century Laminates



For glossier finish


Duco Paint

Used to coat Kitchen Doors and Cabinet Shutters


Veneer Coating

Used to design and finish wooden panels, ledges, and furniture


Membrane Coating

It can be matte finish, gloss and Wood finish


Approximate price list of Home Interior Design in Bangalore

  • Interior Design Charges : Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000
  • Modular Kitchen : 130,000 to 1,50,000
  • Bed with Headboards : 1500 to 1750 per sq ft
  • Wardrobes : 1750 to 1850 per sq ft
  • Dining Table and chairs : 24,000 to 30,000 for Table and 36,000 to 42,000 for chairs
  • TV Unit : 1700 to 1850 per sq ft
  • Pooja Unit : 1400 to 1700 per sq ft
  • Shoe cabinet : 5000
  • False ceiling : 140 to 150 per sq ft
  • Sofa set : 10,000 to 12,000 per sq ft
  • Painting : 20 to 25 per sq ft

Please note the above mentioned price is approximate. Actual price might vary as per requirement.

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